Nat as Ripley?


Sorry about the np.comic delay. Matt has fallen off the planet again but hopefully it’ll be done soon.

Just a few morsels of news today. Starting with a rumour of a Wizard of Oz remake. I wouldn’t put much faith in this report but you can read about it here. Hollywood, forget Snow White with Jet Li and Wizard of Oz with Ripley. If you want to remake a children’s classic then Alice is still the way to go. Thanks to Marina for the heads up.

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Here are the results of the last poll:

Why are you upset that Boleyn has seemingly been pushed back till February?

Because it means I have longer to wait to see it 33% (200 votes)

I’m not upset, the movie might still be great and I can wait 27.56% (167 votes)

I’m not upset, I’m not really eager to see it 20.13% (122 votes)

Because it means the film is probably not award worthy 18.98% (115 votes)

Scarlett found an article about Scarlett…errr…the famous Scarlett, in which Natalie and her kiss each others asses. I don’t mean that to sound cynical, I just wanted to conjure the image of them kissing each others asses. Mission accomplished. You can read the whole article here or just the Nat related quotes below:

Although costume dramas can be tricky, Johansson says, she took the role in The Other Boleyn Girl, which filmed at English castles, because Portman was in it.

“It was so fantastic to work with her,” Johansson says. “She’s an amazing actor. We have a lot in common as New Yorkers. We know some of the same people. We have the same lifestyle.”

Johansson brushes aside any suggestion that on-screen rivalry carries over to real life.

“Yeah,” she jokes, “we battled it out.” No, Natalie “is the sweetest girl.”

Portman calls working with Johansson “the ultimate experience. I got the opportunity to watch someone do incredible work. She’s really serious about her work but knows how to have a good time. She’s prepared and professional and open when you’re working with her, but in between, she’s entertaining and making everyone laugh and singing.

“She’s a spicy girl. She’s got wonderful energy. She’s very, very smart. She always says what she feels but always tactfully.”

Portman describes herself as more tentative and Johansson as strong and direct.

“You can see that in her acting. There’s no messing around. You know what you’re dealing with and what she feels.”

And finally, Natalie was named as the (hang onto your hats) Yes To Carrots Woman of the Year. I dunno what the hell that is but Jon Stewart got the Male award so they’ve obviously got their heads screwed on right at the Carrot headquarters. Thanks to Jason.