gimme gimme more


While we all recover from the awesomeness that was Britney Spears’ comeback performance, here is some Nat news to chew on.

Lainey has posted her take on Nat and Nathan and you’ll see that she’s not entirely sold on it yet.

The Other Boleyn Girl site has gone live although there’s not much in the way of content yet. Thanks to Fanatical610.

The fan poll is now open. Last year walked the Unofficial Actress Site. In fact, we kicked our category’s ass so badly that they’ve decided remove the category from this year’s poll. So as far as I’m concerned, we’re the best unofficial actress site FOREVER!

The dopes over there did have the sense to nominate Natalie again although some of the new categories are absolutely moronic. So go vote for Nat and thanks to Amy for the heads up.

And finally, Marina found this tidbit about a lipstick inspired by Natalie.