I’m not sure if this week can match up to last but I think we’re at least off to a good start today.

Let’s begin with some new photos of Natalie at USC. Click for the gallery.

Pasha also found a write up of her USC visit.

Moving along, Peace and Jason found a brief interview with Natalie on the red carpet for The Darjeeling premiere. Click here and its the top video.

On Friday Natalie will be attending and presenting at the The American Cinematheque Award. I’m a bit confused though. On the page it has a photo of Julia Roberts but then it says “The American Cinematheque Award is presented annually to an extraordinary artist currently making a significant contribution to the art of the Moving Picture.” So I’m really not sure who they could be honouring but whoever it is, Nat will be there. Thanks to Viona.

I’ve updated the Darjeeling and Chevalier filmography pages and will soon be adding a page for Brothers.

That leads nicely into the results of the previous poll:

How do you feel about Nat’s new film, Brothers?

It’s too early to get excited 31.9% (134 votes)

Hopeful 25.24% (106 votes)

I’m just glad she finally has a new project 21.9% (92 votes)

Thrilled 18.1% (76 votes)

Doesn’t sound very good 2.38% (10 votes)

And here is the brand spankin’ new poll.