Nat and Jack in October


Before I go bring the cricketing world to its knees with my athletic prowess, I thought I would bring the Natalie world to its knees with my updating prowess.

Stop laughing.

Let’s begin with the results of the current poll:

What do you think of Natalie’s red carpet look for Darjeeling?

Gorgeous 51.16% (221 votes)

Great from the waist down, not so great from the waist up 19.91% (86 votes)

Terrible 15.51% (67 votes)

Great from the waist up, not so great from the waist down 12.73% (55 votes)

That look just scraped the majority seal of approval. But how about the look from yesterdays update?

Its a new poll. Get voting!

Remember the documentary that Natalie shot with Jack Hanna in Rwanda? Well the Animal Planet site now has the air dates, which begin on October 26th. Thanks to Maddie.

I can’t recall if we’ve had this quote before but to cover our bases, here is what Hayden P..Pa…here is what the cheerleader chick from Heroes has to say about Nat. Thanks to Jason.

Role model: ” Natalie Portman, because of how humble she is. … She’s done an amazing job of keeping her personal life and career separate.”

Next up are a couple gallery updates from Pasha.

This old and wonderful gallery has received the Hi Res untagged treatment.

The UCLA gallery pics are now also untagged.

And the USC gallery has received some new additions.

And finally, one solitary piece of fan art from natlover666.

We’ve had some many new pics recently. Surely we should be getting more fan art than that? Tsk tsk.