Hi guys

Time to clear out the old inbox but before I get to the Nat, let me cover a couple big site annoucements. The first being that long time contributor to the site, Sak, has joined the staff (he’s the one with the stubble). He’ll be helping out with a number of different things. At the same time we’re saying goodbye to Mart. I want to give him a big thanks for the years of service and I’m sure he’ll still be around in some capacity.

The other big news is that the Mathilda comic ad has been removed. I’m sure you can infer what that means. I’ll hopefully bring some solid news before the end of the year.

And now onto the Nat news.

The InStyle photos have appeared online and unsurprisingly Natalie looks great. Now we know what that Nat on a bike sighting was all about. A big thanks to Cherryvanilla and Leigh H. has a best Natalie movies bracket contest. You need to sign up to make your votes count but in doing so you’ll also be in contention for prizes.

Nat has made EW’s list of Ultimate Female Celebrities. Thanks to Mimi.

Sanjiro, yes SANJIRO!, found a really interesting analysis of Leon/The Professional. I think some of it is reaching but if you love the film you’ll likely find it a great read. You have to have an IMDB account to view it though.

Finally, you can vote for Natalie in the annual Ask Men Top 99 Women poll. Thanks to Orionsaint.

I’ll be back with more later.