I promised you guys a new poll every two days and so…

Here she is. Get voting.

Are you planning to see Magorium this weekend?

Yes 33.79% (149 votes)

No, but I want to see it in theatres 25.4% (112 votes)

No, I think I’ll wait for DVD 25.4% (112 votes)

No, I have no real plans to see it 15.42% (68 votes)

The box office estimates are out and Magorium finished in 5th place with 10 million. Not exactly gangbusters but maybe it’ll hold well. The feedback that I’ve gotten from emails and the forum has been surprisingly positive. But maybe a section of Nat fans just loves seeing her being cute?

Pasha has put up a gallery for a new public appearance – attending Dance with Batsheva. Hopefully we can get our hands on better quality images.

Finally, we have Palpatine to thank for this wonderful new Boleyn image.

Ciao for now