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Once again Papari comes through for us with hi res versions of the new pic set. Enjoy.

Such cuteness. And I think she was deinitely inpsired by our mock up of Mathilda in that last pic.

Next up are a couple new (I think) Goya’s Ghosts pics. Click here and here. Thanks to Maggie.

And finally, here are a bunch of new old pics from Celiana. The first 3 are better versions of pics we already have but I don’t think I’ve seen the last 2 before.



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  • N-a-t says:

    The photos are beautiful!!!

  • lohr says:

    When and where was taken the cameron diaz’s shoot? THANKS!

  • JenR1215 says:


    last pic with Nat momma scare the hell out of me.

    I opened and scrolled over and i was like DAMN BIGEYES SCARE”N AT ME!!… AND THEY DONT LOOK TOO FRIENDLY!

  • Orionsaint says:

    Finally some hot shoes! I don’t mean those fugly boots either. I mean the Open toed goodies, lol.

    By the by, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Although for animal rights activist and vegans. It must not be such a happy day that we’re celebrating the killing and eating of an animal. Well at least we give thanks and everything.

  • jesslv74 says:

    Thank you Papari for those hi-res pics! They’re awesome! I’ve never seen Nat’s mom. In the same vein, I always feel bad for looking at pics that are taken, well, sort of against Nat’s will, esp. looking at Nat’s face in the last pic. I feel like I’m helping the smarmy paparazzi make their money.

    Also, thank you to Celiana. Even though those are older pics, she looks happy and beautiful!

    I’m so glad to wake up to these on Thanksgiving morning; this is pretty much one of the first pages I looked at today, and will certainly brighten my day. I know that sounds pathetic but I’m not a big fan of Thanksgiving; I’m a much bigger fan of Nat.

    Thank you Natalie and thank you for this site, as always!

    For those of you who enjoy and celebrate today, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Sak says:

    Big beautiful Nat!