If You Want Me


It’s been a little on the quiet side this month but I think we’ve got a good update today. Enjoy.

This coming February is going to be one helluva Nat month. We already mentioned that Goya’s Ghosts will be out on DVD February 26 and now you can add the DVD release of Darjeeling (+ Hotel Chevalier) on that very same day. Not to mention the theatrical release of The Other Boleyn Girl (29 Feb) and My Blueberry Nights (13 Feb). Throw in np.com’s birthday, Valentines and Jen’s birthday and we’ve got a pretty stacked month.

Which brings us to…

…the new poll.

With the results of the kiss poll I was kinda hoping for a Christmas miracle – a sudden late burst of taste, but since that isn’t happening, here are the thoroughly depressing results of the best kiss poll:

Which is your favourite on screen kiss?

The cinematic rain kiss from Garden State 16.93% (120 votes)

The emotionally desperate kiss from Closer 13.96% (99 votes)

The Naboo kiss from AOTC 13.54% (96 votes)

The Frou Frou endorsed kiss from the end of Garden State 12.69% (90 votes)

The “oh shit we’re gonna die” kiss at the end of AOTC 11.99% (85 votes)

The “later, Pooh” kiss from Beautiful Girls 8.32% (59 votes)

The should never have happened kiss from V for Vendetta 7.62% (54 votes)

The sweet public kiss from True 7.33% (52 votes)

The passionate furry lip kiss from Hotel Chevalier 4.09% (29 votes)

The awkward ellipses kiss from Garden State 2.68% (19 votes)

At least the Naboo kiss was knocked off second spot.

Next up are 9 new (albeit a little small) photos from My Blueberry Nights. Click the image below to go to the gallery. Thanks to Jenski.

Over on the IMDB forums someone has posted the shooting schedule for Brothers, which may be interest.

Brothers Productions, LLC, a subsidiary of Sony Pictures, is filming a movie entitled “Brothers” (a remake of an award-winning Danish film) starring Toby McGuire, Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman, and directed by Jim Sheridan (“My Left Foot”, “In the Name of the Father”, “In America”).

Filming has begun in Glorietta/Las Vegas and in at the Greer Garson studios in Santa Fe. Filming in Los Alamos will begin next week, December 16-21, 2007 near downtown and on Barranca Mesa. “Base camps” will be set-up nearby each of the geographic filming areas. A “base camp” is the staging area where the film crew put all the big trailers (hair, make-up, wardrobe, actors, etc.) and equipment, with a dining hall/kitchen/restroom area nearby. One of the base camps will be in main parking lot and in the Parrish Hall of the Imacculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church. The other base camp will be at the Los Alamos Golf Club parking lot and meeting facility.

Sun., December 16 (afternoon): Trucks/trailers arrive Los Alamos and set-up base camp* in the parking lot behind and around the Immaculate Heart of Mary parking lot.
Mon., December 17 (all day): Filming at United Church; base camp at IHM.
Tue., December 18 (all day): Filming at United Church; base camp at IHM; move base camp to Golf Course.
Wed., December 19 (all day): Filming at residence on Barranca Mesa; base camp at Golf Course.
Thur., December 20 (all day): Filming at residence on Barranca Mesa; base camp at Golf Course.
Fri., December 21 (all day); Filming at residence on Barranca Mesa; base camp at Golf Course; leaving Los Alamos.

Finally, here is a new article with not a lot of new content although the last bit of info is interesting. Thanks to Jibson.

I’ll be back with some gallery updates from Pasha soon. Have a great weekend.