that’s right, folks. today not only marks the day of LOVE AND ACCEPTANCE but also NP.COM’S BIRTHDAY.

SO special.

8 years ago today DAZZA and I and other guys started the site over. and accepted homosexuals. and probably fell in love or some shit. i don’t remember. but it don’t matter! everything is beautiful and perfect!! just like a certain NATALIE PORTMAN! let’s get on with the news!

O magazine has an article about natalie’s favorite books. so if you want to read here’s a site for you!

next up. Nat visiting an art exhibition in Germany. She’s there for the Boleyn premiere at Berlinale. Thanks to Harper.


To get the link above to work, copy the url and paste it into your address bar.

Natalie has Her own page on a new site called Chickipedia. check it out! Thanks to Aaron.

Trini sends in an article about Mark Ronson being an asshole.

okay. now for the fanart.

Natalia sends in a Drawing.

Extreme Allah sends in A study of apathy

next is a banner and 2 icons from Lea.

Happy Valentine’s day.

Happy Anniversary.

and finally a similar thing, a banner wishing us and some icons to go with it.


Icon 1
Icon 2
Icon 3
Icon 4

Dazza never mentioned who made those last 5 things. so i’m gonna call him Stevesie until further notice. THANKS STEVESIE!

Dazza here: It was Shan.

Yup. that’s it for our Valentine’s/8th birthday celebration. i hope you got real comfortable and fell asleep reading this update. because that’s a sign of TRUE LOVE. or narcolepsy. same difference.