I believe we’ve met before.

That new appearance I mentioned in my last update was from dinner held after a special screening of The Other Boleyn Girl. Pasha will set up a gallery later (but we’re still looking for HQ copies, if you can help please mail Pasha) but until then, click the pic below for the ever reliable Just Jared. Thanks to Marina.

Next up are some gorgeous photos from the Letterman appearance. Once the images have loaded click them again for the full size. Thanks to MaPommeCherie.



Still on the Letterman appearance, Splash News has a video of Natalie arriving. The write up makes it sound like there’s a big Nat vs Paparazzi showdown but fans of drama will be sorely disappointed.

Finally, here’s that new poll I promised…

You know the drill.

And here are the results of the previous poll:

What do you think about Natalie’s London premiere look?

Perfection. A class act. 45.08% (252 votes)

Mostly beautiful. 29.87% (167 votes)

Somewhere there is a sad window missing its curtain. 8.59% (48 votes)

Half good. Half bad. 8.23% (46 votes)

Not one of her better looks. 7.87% (44 votes)

Don’t forget Conan tonight!