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I’m planning to do some spring cleaning of the forum user list tomorrow. Anyone who has registered but hasn’t posted at least once is in danger of having their account deleted. Of course nothing will stop you from registering again if you really want.

Since I’m here, might as well catch up on a few new Natalie blurbs.

For a change, lets begin with something a bit negative. Someone who claims to have been involved with the shooting of Brothers had this to say about Natalie:

So, Natalie Portman is like the biggest PIA in my memory to work with. She came to New Mexico to make a motion picture which I worked on. She brought her own chef and pots and pans because she can’t eat off of anything that has ever touched meat or meat products because she is a Vegan. She takes her own utinsels everywhere for the same reason, and she is the biggest primma donna I have ever come in contact with in my motion picture or video history!

You can make of that what you will. On the forum the consensus seems to be that vegans are always going to come across as picky and difficult. Natalie has usually always gotten exceptional comments from extras and crew about how nice and down to earth she is.

Well, at least Dave Grohl still thinks Natalie is a good role model:

HARP: You recently said that you thought Paris Hilton was a lousy role model for your daughter, Violet. Who do you think is a good role model in 2008?

Natalie Portman. She’s obviously an incredibly gifted actor, a beautiful woman who decided to focus on her mind rather than the superficial world of pop culture. I hope that my daughter does the same thing because I know that a lot of girls—young girls—have this new idea of celebrity that’s been presented to them by people like Paris Hilton or Britney.

ABC has a couple articles of interest. The first is the usual yadda yadda about Boleyn but also has a video interview. While the second is about the NY, I Love You furore.

This barely qualifies as post worthy but its pretty cool nonetheless. A guy is making a 3D model of Natalie and its coming along pretty well.

And finally, an article about the lack of female film critics kicks off with a point about Natalie.

Thanks to omgzrachel, Fanatical, Garcy and mMathab.

I’ll be back with the new image match up tomorrow. Seeya.