Round 2


It may be a holiday today but at is never on holiday (because has no life) and so we’ve got a good update to kick off the week.

Starting with the second match up in our contest to find the single best image from the new Elle and Marie Claire shoots. The results of the first match up were…

Marie Claire 63.11% (443 votes)

Elle 36.47% (256 votes)

I thought they would be a lot closer than that but then again I am quite partial to hands in pockets.

The new match up is…


Vote now!

Next up are a couple new Other Boleyn Girl promotional interviews. A lot of rehashing but enough new material to make them both worthwhile reads.

The Daily Mail – includes this picture, which I don’t remember seeing before.

Thanks to Fanatical.

Omgzrachel found a high res version of the Boleyn poster but without the text, which actually improves the image considerably.

And finally, Erasmo found some Boleyn items up on Ebay. I’m including the link to Natalie’s blue gown but on the page you’ll find links to other items as well. Just a reminder that my birthday is coming up and I think I’d look quite fetching in this.