yesterday was dramatic, today is ok


Don’t have a helluva lot today but I’ll be handing out free candy at the end to make up for it.

I’ve got some more gallery updates from Pasha but before we get to those, the Natalie: singing sensation story from the other day is just a case of an April fools joke that found life after April 1st. So if you’re interested in Natalie singing you’ll have to stick to Everyone Says I Love You, rapping on SNL, Sesame Street and The World Patrol Kids!

Speaking of “Everyone Says I Love You”, I just realized that Natalie has now been in 3 films that contain “I Love You” in the title. Could it be that she’s trying to send a message…to Clone?

Right, so those gallery updates…

Half a dozen new images added to the Berlin V for Vendetta gallery.

2 new pics of her leaving Leaving The Daily Show.

4 new pics from the Bridge and Tunnel Opening.

And 3 larger and now tag free images from the Young Frankenstein Opening.

And now for the results of the semi final of our little photo shoot battle.

Marie Claire Heels 38.67% (140 votes)

Elle Sad 33.98% (123 votes)

Marie Claire Cover 26.8% (97 votes)

Quite close but congrats to that lovely Marie Claire picture, which will be in Monday’s final.

Will it be an all Marie Claire final or can Elle rain on the parade?



Marie Claire

Get voting!

Ciao for now