Today we have one of the most interesting sets I think I’ve ever seen. Once again we have the new pooch! But old news. Devendra is with her! But that’s to be expected. She knows she’s being snapped but appears happy?!?! This is still a bit strange after years and years of dagger stares to the paparazzi but again, its becoming more and more common.

But in these pictures she actually shakes the hand of a paparazzi and then puts her arm around him like he’s an old friend. I’m open to the idea of life on other planets but I never thought I’d see Natalie having such a blast with one of the paparazzi.

Enough talk. See for yourself.

Click for full gallery.

Thanks to Fanatical for the find.

The Other Boleyn Girls DVD info has been released. The standard DVD and Blu Ray releases will be out June 10th, what better way to celebrate Natalie’s birthday. Click here for details on the extras.

Thanks to Imakemloose.