Now in red

Hi again

Lots more great stuff today. Nat should be on the Cannes jury every year.

Kicking things off are new pictures of Natalie attending the premiere of Steven Sodebergh’s Che Guevara films…yes, films. There are two of them. An interesting hairdo, perfect makeup and a familiar dress. Click the image for the full gallery. Thanks to Terminator and Babyjane.
EDIT: 43 more HQ pictures have been added.

Next up, as reported a few days ago, Devendra has now joined Natalie in Cannes. Boy, thats friendship for you. Right, Clone? Click the image below for the gallery of the lovebirds having a romantic dinner.

Now for a couple single images. On the left is Natalie walking her new dog in Cannes and on the right is a new image from the Vanity Fair party…and boy does she look fierce. Love it.

Thanks to Pasha and Fanatical.