i do


Tomorrow I’m going to fully catch up on everything and put up that Cannes fashion poll. But for today there is something I should probably mention. I want to make clear that this is total guess work and I think very very very unlikely to be true.

Some people thought that this set of pictures looked a little like a proposal. Shortly after that a new ring showed up on her hand and on the ring finger. Peter sent in this image, which shows a clear view of it.

Personally, I think its very unlikely that someone like Natalie, who has a very analytical head on her shoulders, would get engaged after such a short time. If Devandra did give her the ring its also quite possible that its not an engagement ring.

I don’t want to make a big deal about this so talk about it in this posts comments or in the forums but unless there are any big developments, the subject is closed on the main site after today.