Tomorrow I’m going to fully catch up on everything and put up that Cannes fashion poll. But for today there is something I should probably mention. I want to make clear that this is total guess work and I think very very very unlikely to be true.

Some people thought that this set of pictures looked a little like a proposal. Shortly after that a new ring showed up on her hand and on the ring finger. Peter sent in this image, which shows a clear view of it.

Personally, I think its very unlikely that someone like Natalie, who has a very analytical head on her shoulders, would get engaged after such a short time. If Devandra did give her the ring its also quite possible that its not an engagement ring.

I don’t want to make a big deal about this so talk about it in this posts comments or in the forums but unless there are any big developments, the subject is closed on the main site after today.


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  • trini says:

    intriguing … but not conclusive. juries still out and i agree with dazza – not after such a short time. could be a normal ring, a ring that didn’t fit on any other finger, an eternity ring etc etc etc… I’d say we hold horses..

  • kelvin says:

    This does make me realize that this day will have to come eventually 😉

    …or will it???

  • Jenski says:

    I LOVE rings. Before any other sort of jewelry (though I hate both gold and diamonds). I will only wear rings on my pointer finger, ring finger, and thumb.

    Secondly, in the only photo that looks remotely like a proposal, she’s holding up her right hand, rather than her left.

  • clone says:

    Dev didn’t give it to her, I did dazza as I stated in the page you made for me. I gave it to her for her last birthday.

  • jfenton3 says:

    IF, again IF this news turns out to be true, it is a happy day. Mr. Banhart is an amazingly talented and insightful person. If it had to be anyone, I am glad it is him.

  • Rafael28 says:


    nat seems way smarter than that

  • rwix says:

    maybe that’s just a gift from Devandra…i hope so :'( , anyways she looked like so happy..then even if this ring can make a trouble, we don’t have to make fast and uncertified conclusion!

  • Imakemloose69 says:

    Im sure will we find out in a few days or weeks if it’s true.

    Im sure Nat would not jump right into marriage. She just meet the guy but hey it’s love.

  • Chewie27 says:

    Looking at that set a second time with the idea of an engagement in my mind, it wouldn’t shock me if it was true.

  • LoveSpit says:

    I think it’s a little unfair to say that, since she’s smart, she shouldn’t accept a proposal (if, indeed, that is what it is). Some of the greatest marriages in history were spur of the moment. It sounds corny and trite, but love doesn’t work on a timeline. If she thinks it’s the right time, then it’s the right time, and we have no right to judge her decision.

  • dazza says:

    I wasn’t saying she’s smart I was saying she thinks things through (some would say overthinks). She doesn’t seem to be a spur of the moment kind of person when it comes to big decisions. Might be wrong but that’s just my two cents.

  • Martina84 says:

    In the latest set of photos (Closing Ceremony) no rings in the ring finger. Check this, is clear:


    I don’t know. She seems very happy but I don’t think that after less than two months she decide to marry. Nah.

  • Roberfumi says:

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