PORTMANIA springs eternal!


Celina! you made another banner thing!

yes. PORTMANIA X has banner things! and more!!! even a bit of news!…

Susan Sarandon once did a movie with natalie about 10 years ago. and then now she keeps talking about her.

How was Ralph Fiennes as a playmate?

Ralph is so divine to work with. Like Sean [Penn], he’s consummate in his dedication to the specifics of the part. When someone’s there for you, and you’re that dependent on them, whether it’s Natalie Portman or Sean Penn, when you have that kind of a story, you completely fall in love with someone who’s there for you like that, because it makes you better. It’s seeing how much we trusted each other and how much we were able to kind of dare the other person to be better. [Director] Bob Balaban gave us an atmosphere where that could happen, in the way Tim did for “Dead Man Walking.”

Thanks to the very lovely and feminine Fanatical.

speaking of womans. yesterday some guy named Peter sent in something and i flatly stated he was a man and then predicted i would be wrong. and then Peter said i was wrong and he was a woman. and guess what PETER!!! NO YOU’RE NOT. and even if you were, PETER is soooo not a girls name. I LOOKED IT UP. how could this be my fault!??!?! anyway. Peter’s name is actually Lynda and something or other. i don’t even know anymore. i’m assuming all of you are ladies from now on.


Isaac made a great Wallpaper and she made it with love.

Bunches of Natalies.

the next wallpaper comes from Scott. and she actually made TWO of them.

Very cool PORTMANIA one.


one i guess we’re calling “normal”. meaning NON-PORTMANIAN.

Koala Man sends in this one of Two nats just staring at you wondering what the hell you’re talking about. Koala Man is a girl.

Two wallpapers from Elisabeth.



Natalie checking out the Grand Canyon.

and lastly from Savpc. she writes in and says:

For the new dog in Natalie’s life, I thought this one might make for a good Portmania supplement. A role model for the new pooch kinda-thing.

And here’s the pic.

thank you ladies of the world. we couldn’t have done it without you.

i guess that’s all for today. tomorrow PORTMANIA continues with more fan art from women. and maybe news?!? in the meantime you guys should do some PORTMANIA activities or something. like drink milk in the middle of the street. or pat a cow on the back and say “Thanks for the milk but not for your meat or skin because i’m celebrating PORTMANIA and that sort of thing is wrong for the week.” something like that. BE GOOD.