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Welcome back humdrum updates.

Just a quick update tonight to bring you some new pictures of Natalie on her birthday. Based on what Dev is wearing they must be going somewhere swanky. Like miniature golf perhaps.

Thanks to Garcy, Rosemary and Marina.


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  • tinymontgomery says:

    somewhere swanky eh? bet shes picking up the bill…

  • dazza says:

    I doubt he’s strapped for cash and even if she was paying, why would that be a problem? Are we back in the 1950’s?

  • Sanjiro says:

    listen, daz. money should only be spent by people with penises. which this dev person obviously has one (notice he’s wearing a tie. penis people do this. it’s actually an arrow pointing straght towards where we hope our penis is.) non-penis people (or what i call “women”) should always keep their money. they should also cook and clean and get used to not wearing their shoes while being pregnant. that’s what non-penis people do. penis people punch and yell at things in traffic. and of course spend all their money on non-penis people.

  • dazza says:

    That actually clears up a lot. One lingering question though, if I don’t want to spend all my money, would the sensible choice be to cut off my penis?

  • Sanjiro says:

    that would be the sensible choice. but be warned: a penis person may intially spend money on you in the hopes of getting you naked. but once he finds out you were once a penis person he will feel very angry and betrayed. penis people vaule their penis most of all and shun these former penis people.

  • dazza says:

    Modern day relationships are hard 🙁

  • clone says:

    I don’t like dev’s attitude, even with that finger his sticking up on everyone seeing this image. It’s kind of like his making natalie pay for everything for him. bad man.

    I can tell that female behind them doesn’t like this at all, and natalie looks scared.

  • sanjiro says:

    clone. you really are a complete asshole.

  • teatray says:

    Dev looks unbelievably hot in these pics…!!!!!!
    sweet how he opens the taxi door to let her in. seems like a gentleman with good manners to me 😉

  • fanatical610 says:

    Dev is like Clone’s kryptonite

  • jesslv74 says:

    A most entertaining discussion between Dazza and Sanjiro. 😉 Cracked me up! And the tie thing…I never thought about that…very interesting. In the late 80s though, there was this trend in which women wore ties. What were they trying to say?

  • rwix says:

    hmmmmm , she looks…worried? i don’t know..

  • azbab says:

    Does anyone know if natalie lives in Soho (since most of the pics comes from that area) ?

  • Jutze says:

    Two things I figured out just recently:

    1.) In all those picture, he (Dev, not DAZZA) looks rather tall. But since Nat is actually a very tiny person, he can’t be taller than 167cm.

    2.) Natalie keeps ignoring NP.com because it provided her mother detailed information about her moves and capers. Normal people grow up, accumulating secrets their parents don’t know. Once they move out, they receive anxious phonecalls “Do you eat enough?” and “What are you doing?” – Nat didn’t get these calls. It was always: “Hey, I just saw you were shooting a movie with Jude Law! Tell him he’s hot! Oh, wait, he already knows. Anyway, eh, wait, your father wants to speak with you…”


  • anda says:

    @ fanatical: that truly cracked me up 😀

  • jesslv74 says:

    I’ve been wondering about the height issue as well. Sometimes she looks so tiny next to him, but in these pics he doesn’t look at as tall (or she doesn’t look as short).

  • cathh101 says:

    and, they have to be even closer in height than THIS because he’s wearing some sort of cowboy-ish boots with at least 2 inch heels…

    natalie’s dress is hideous and unflattering