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I just have a few small things before I get onto the big poll.

Starting off with the news that Natalie and Brazilian actress, Elissa Sursara, will be doing an anti-fur PSA for PETA. Click here for the article and, more importantly, a picture of the gorgeous Isabel Lucas.

Apparently Natalie was at the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday, watching Devendra and Gilberto Gil perform. No pictures though. Funny how she’s even less photographed in LA.

Sak has added that new FINCA vid to the video section, along with the video of Natalie’s mom from yesterday.

And here are the results of our previous one:

In anticipation of Devendra’s music video starring Natalie, what do you think is the closest prediction?

It’ll be arty and strange and hurt my brain. 43.75% (210 votes)

I can’t even guess. 20.42% (98 votes)

Devendra will be dressed as a woman. Natalie as a man. Possibly a cowboy. Or robot. 17.08% (82 votes)

It’ll be a typical video with Nat playing the eye candy. 10.42% (50 votes)

Natalie and Devendra will be in love. Something romantic. 7.92% (38 votes)

I’m beginning to think we may never see it. Unless their editor is 90 years old or something.

Right then, time for the hair style poll, which was suggested in the comments section. I decided to be very lazy about this. See, omgzrachel did the exact same poll in the forum awhile back and since there are so many hair styles to sift through I’m going to steal her choices. Remember, you’re voting for that hair style, not the exact style in the photo. Whatever is closest to your favourite look.

Those are the choices. So…

Get voting!