I received an email today that claims that the young lady, from the “don’t date and drive” video, is actually Natalie’s aunt. Not sure if that is true but thought it best to cover our bases. Either way, its all in the genes.

Newscom have a new set of pictures showing Natalie and Devendra shopping at Whole Foods for organic munchies…can munchies be organic? Anyway, as of now all we have are a glimpse at the thumbnails. If you are able to get hold of the full photos, please send me a line. Thanks, as always, Fanatical.

At this point I was going to post the poll results and a new poll to rate Beautiful Girls but in tweaking the poll to allow 11 poll choices, something broke and I can’t reset the damn thing. So that will have to hold over till tomorrow. Doh.

That’s it for now but be sure to check back tomorrow for a special surprise. Assuming everything goes well. If not then the “surprise” will be that there’s no surprise, which wouldn’t really be all that “special” since we pull that crap all the time. I’ve just ruined the excitement haven’t I?