Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head

No, not this:


Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head is a Seattle pop band, which I’m surprised to only hear about now.

Here are some Natalie related excerpts from this article.

Natalie Portman was the gossip of the day back when NPSH formed in 2005, because of her shaved-off mane. The members came up with the outlandish alias as a team name for a class vocabulary contest. And it stuck.

“We are not super-fan boys,” said Smith. “We are not obsessed with her.”

If any other celebrity was in the headlines at that time, the band admits their name could have easily been something else. Also, only one member, Price, has never seen “V for Vendetta.”

Just the same, Portman is on the guest list of every show. But on the off chance she did show up, they would “freak out,” said drummer Downey.

“It would be weird,” added lead singer Libman, 21. “It would be terrible to bring her on stage, so we would almost have to ignore her.”

England’s sister works in a bakery in New York, where she spotted Portman and blurted out the background of the band. Portman responded — “Oh that’s cool” — and signed a paper bag for them.

Here is their Myspace page.