Brothers at TIFF?

Natalie’s December release, Brothers, should start to come into focus in the coming months. If MGM consider it a possible awards contender, then they’ll have a strategy in place to best get that kind of traction going for the film.

Part of that strategy might include the Toronto International Film Festival and Hollywood Elsewhere had a little piece up about that very thing.

When Tuesday morning’s final roster of Toronto Film Festival selections is announced, I for one would love to see Jim Sheridan’s Brothers (MGM, 12.4) included.

He goes on to add:

Over the last couple of days I’ve written and called Sheridan (who’s in town) to ask if Toronto might happen, and I’ve heard nothing back. I asked incoming MGM marketing guy Mike Vollman, who said something along the lines of “I haven’t heard” or something like that. I also asked MGM corporate guy Jeff Pryor and he, too, claimed ignorance of the particulars, etc. You can interpret these three guys saying nothing as an indication of something or not. Probably not, I’m guessing, but it’s only 72 hours to Tuesday morning.