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By August 19, 2008Site-news

I will definitely be polling about the news out of Toronto but before that, a quick poll to see how old the average site visitor is. Have we ever done this? I don’t actually think so.

So, how old are you?

Here are the results of the previous poll:

Not counting her plays and Domino One, how many of Natalie’s films have you seen?

11-15 30.71% (168 votes)

16-20 27.61% (151 votes)

6-10 19.38% (106 votes)

All of them. 12.43% (68 votes)

2-5 7.5% (41 votes)

None 0.91% (5 votes)

1 0.73% (4 votes)

Wow, time to hit the rental store 🙂


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