NY, I Love You teaser trailer is here

By August 22, 2008Nat-news

Just a couple glimpses of Natalie but its a pretty effective teaser, dontcha think?


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  • Jenski says:

    I like the teaser a lot, I just wish they hadn’t included the Hayden/Rachel bits. I haven’t seen a picture or clip of that short that hasn’t looked lame.

    It could also use more Natalie.

  • Mac81 says:

    The teaser sounds promising. Nice sountrack. Maybe I’m gonna watch it.

  • JenR1215 says:

    could be a teaser or maybe Nat’s clip just isn’t going to be the most favored as it was in Je t’aime.

  • JenR1215 says:

    even though i’m dying to go to NYC one day, i’ll probably only watch the movie to see the culture and surroundings of the city.

    movie really doesn’t interest me all that much from the trailer, it looks real good, but it’s just like Paris’s trailer except with more Jews and hookers.

  • imakemloose69 says:

    The trailer to the film looks very good. I noticed Nat in the shots very quick. I love the first film alot and can’t wait to see the 2 short wich Nat is directing and stars in, but I want to see the entire film.

    Overall looks very good.

  • sak says:

    Actually I’m dying to watch Natalie’s directional debut.

    The teaser btw has been uploaded to our video section.

  • Mockingbird says:

    Not impressed by the trailer. Looks very by the numbers and the music used might as well have been chosen by a focus group. The Natalie directed short doesn’t seem to be in any of the trailer.

  • clone says:

    is natalie trying to be mary poppins?Lol

    I can see the director of this film to make australia next, and possibly natalie in it too.

  • omgzrachel says:

    Hayden and Rachel = epic fail.

  • amo says:

    despite the voiceover that is actually a freakishly white trailer.