Did Nat and Dev go to Hawaii?

By August 27, 2008Nat-news

The following is an account of a summer vacation (Hawaii) from a personal blog. As always, take with a pinch of salt.

The last day of the trip we returned to the first beach we went to, Hapuna. As we sat absorbing out last day at the beach before returning to the cold reality of Washington my brother exclaimed aloud, “That’s Natalie Portman!”

I looked over and sure enough there she was! The actress Natalie Portman. But to add to that I noticed she was with her folk rock star boyfriend Devendra Banhart. They were on a private lovers get a way and hanging out at the same beach as us! I couldn’t believe it. They went swimming in the ocean and me and Hal ran in and swam nearby. As Natalie Portman came in she waded past me and I blurted out awkwardly “Hey what’s up?”

She said “Heeeey,” back but implied “Hey bearded creep don’t drown me.”
I was heartbroken. She’s my number one all time favorite hottest most beautiful celebrity female and she thought I was creepy. Oh well.

As we left I waved to Devendra Banhart (who I’ve mentioned on this blog multiple times) and he gave me the old “You know who I am” salute.

My mom got photos of them making out, I thought about selling them to People magazine to help pay off my 40+ thousand dollars of student loans (thanks to the overpriced UPS MAT program), but my respect for both of them artistically prevented me from following through (and the photos were blurry hehe).

Now thats awkward.


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  • jay Pennington says:

    Glad to find this post! My wife and I were on vacation in Hawaii staying with our cousin living legend surfer Joey Cabell and Joey had taken us to Kauai and the park with the 3 mile trail of scenic beauty with a great beach & river at the end. As we were walking back on the trail in a hurry in the heat – late for a Surfer Legends luau – a young lady on her own passed us on the trail – we both said hello and she said hello back..everything quite normal. As we continue walking, my wife says “She looked just like Natalie Portman.” Well that stopped me in my tracks except we had to keep walking quickly for the party. I joked to my wife…I could have given her my IMDB page reference as she might be looking for a tall older long haired guy for the next film. 🙂 So it really was Natalie. What a nice surprise..and glad we got to say hello. 🙂