Jimmy Jam and Natty Noo

Natalie’s Other Boleyn Girl costar, Jim Sturgess (21, Across the Universe), has mentioned Natalie in a new interview. If you were around when 21 came out, you’ll remember that there were 2 or 3 other mentions during the press for that film. Not so sure about the conclusion that he wasn’t fazed. Dude seemed very taken with Natalie.

While preparing to play a member of the real-life student card-counting team that took Las Vegas casinos for millions, Jim Sturgess spent a lot of time in Boston. As if that wasn’t cool enough, he received a tutorial on Boston college life from Harvard graduate Natalie Portman.

“She came and visted me we hung out. She took me to a frat party,” says Sturgess, 26, who played George Boleyn to Portman’s Anne in The Other Boleyn Girl. Some would have been fazed by the celebrity attention, but not Sturgess. “All I remember is there was this giant bear in this hall and I think I hung my coat on it,” he says of his initiation into the city’s student scene.