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We continue our series of rating Natalie’s films. Today we have The Phantom Menace, which clearly divides fans down the middle.

Rate The Phantom Menace

Below we have the very positive results for the NYILY trailer:

What did you think of the “New York, I Love You” teaser trailer?

I really enjoyed it. Looks great. 45.39% (123 votes)

Better than I expected. Not bad. 26.2% (71 votes)

I haven’t seen it 13.65% (37 votes)

Didn’t do much for me. 9.59% (26 votes)

Looks good but still not interested. 5.17% (14 votes)


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  • Teo says:

    My opinion on the Star Wars movies, including the original trilogy, is that you have to see them at the right age to love them. I remember I saw the first movies one long summer day when I was twelve and was just blown away. I was thinking how could people have waited three years between them lol. Then the next year The Phantom Menace came out and I thought it was fantastic, it really captured my imagination. Today I can see these movies have their flaws, but I think it’s a fantastic story, I love the concept of the Force and the whole Star Wars universe.

  • omgzrachel says:

    7 is really generous. REALLY GENEROUS.

  • plop says:

    @Omgzrachel, never underestimate waries. Never! 😉