More NYILY opinions and some news

With the press not being allowed to review the unfinished “New York, I Love You”, we’re basically having to chew on any scraps that we can find. According to the second link in this update, the film will likely still shoot another segment as well as some other fine tuning. They want to take it to the Berlin Film Festival (Nat loves her some Berlin) next year, so hopefully it’ll be 100% finished by then.

Hollywood Elsewhere got some quotes, about several TIFF films, from a buyer. Here’s what he said about NYILY:

New York, I Love You (anthology film, many directors): Very cute and funny. The best segments belong to Brett Ratner (a nice surprise) and Yvan Attal.

Foxnews has more love for the film and specifically, and strangely, Brett Ratner:

Who would have thought it? The most pungent and surprising segment of the multi-starred and directed “New York I Love You” was made by “Rush Hour” wunderkind Brett Ratner.

Starring James Caan, Olivia Thrilby and Anton Yelchin, Ratner’s short episode in this riveting two-hour omnibus had an audience Saturday night in thrall.

Lastly, an opinion from a poster on this Orland Bloom site:

Last night, my husband and I went to see NYILY; we both absolutely loved it! We went for dinner afterwards and spent most of the meal discussing the different stories – interpreting them and picking up on details that the other missed. The range of stories is incredible. Some are quite light-hearted and funny; others are really haunting and melancholy. I saw a different side to Shia LaBeouf in his short with Julie Christie; that story in particular has stayed with me. Several of the stories’ characters overlap from one segment to the other, which weaves them together nicely. New York always seems so electric to me; this movie does an amazing job of conveying that feeling.

The lack of love for Natalie’s two shorts is disappointing but at least the film itself is getting pretty much unanimous praise.