More celeb love

Teen actress, Shenae Grimes (of Degrassi and the new 90210), has some really nice things to say about Natalie. There definitely seem to be a lot of young female celebs that look up to Nat…or perhaps that’s just my perception, since I don’t follow the careers of other celebs as closely?

In terms of your acting career, is there someone’s career, that if yours went the same way, you’d be fulfilled?

One hundred percent Natalie Portman. She is my inspiration, the way her career has gone. It’s just been so amazing, and the fact that she went to Harvard University is just beyond me. Having a very versatile career is really important to keep yourself from being typecast in a certain role, and I think she’s done that phenomenally. She’s done roles of all different types, and that’s what I’d love to do, just have a broad spectrum of characters behind me.