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By August 26, 2016Nat-news, News

Today, A Tale of Love and Darkness is expanded to 25 theaters across the USA. On that occasion, Natalie is making a second round of interviews, with an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s show yesterday, and a short interview on Fox 5 Beat this morning. Here is the video:


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  • Dipika says:

    Dear Natalie, I imagine you thought you were doing the right thing by writing, directing and starring in your most recent film. But each time someone with star power (like you) does something that all-encompassing, you chip away at diversity, and you see, I am a big fan of diversity. All round me I see the world becoming ever narrower with film stars cornering all sorts of fields from politics to fashion and even medicine. I yearn to return to the days when film industry folk understood the difference between actors and stars, and they dreamed of being actors, because they knew that being an actor is way better than being a star. I implore your ilk to leave some fields to the professionals.