Jimmy Kimmel Live Appearance

Natalie made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, and here are three short videos of the program:



Also, Zimbio has a few pictures of the arrival at the show:

Click on the image to see them:



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  • Herzwerk R.o.D says:

    Natalie: “There’s a lot of codes of behaviour”
    Jimmy Kimmel: “Wow!

    Americans discovering the world.

  • Jo says:

    Hypocrite …

  • Marty says:

    Your “clichés” on French people are silly… don’t make a generality on one or two examples !
    And yes, it is very polite to say “good morning” when you enter a shop in France but Americans can’t understand (you see, like you I can use “cliché” !!! I thought you were a clever woman !!!