The almost fantastic 4

My own “Top 10-6 Natalie covers of all time”, will be coming a bit later. Before I get to that I just wanted to mention 4 covers that came very close to make the list.

Harpers – Really elegant photo, which was also one of her very first. I’m also intrigued by the sad face. Very interesting.

Vanity Fair – There’s usually more chemistry between Obama and John McCain than there is between Nat and Hayden. While this doesn’t exactly show sparks fly, I think its a really sweet picture and Natalie looks so elegant. The fact that I even considered a cover with Hayden on it tells me that this was certainly worth mentioning.

Vogue – Great pic except for the buckle belt thing. What the hell is that? It’s all I can focus on.

W – Those who say Natalie can’t look “hot”, clearly haven’t seen this photo shoot. Scarlett, who I do think is quite beautiful, just looks terrible on this cover. Lose her and the creepy looking dog and this would have been a shoo-in for the Top 10.

10-6 will be here soon. Stay tuned.