5 Worst Covers

Dazza did his, now it’s my turn. I’ve only got five, so it’s going to be a short list. A lot of her older covers are pretty awful, but I’m not going to include them as they’re all just generally dated looking.

05. Vogue UK (May 2005)
I love the photoshoot inside, and Nat and the dress look great, but it’s the weird body builder pose that ruins it. I know Natalie is an actress and not a model, but the girl seriously needs to learn to pose.

04. InStyle (December 2007)
InStyle has been kind of notorious lately for really boring, cheap-looking covers and Natalie’s is no exception.

03. Blender (November 2005)
One of my favorite photoshoots. One of my least favorite covers. Again, the stupid pose ruins it. And the dumb, vacant expression on her face. (I guess not as bad as the look on her face in this one. Good lord.)

02. French Elle (September 1999)
From the grandma poncho to the goth look to the cheesy school photo backdrop, this cover has so much wrong with it.

01. Teen People (May 2005)
What’s the opposite of aesthetically pleasing? This looks like a cover of Tiger Beat or something. Terrible picture of both of them and they’ve both been so photoshopped that they look like creepy mannequins.