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Okay, this has less than nothing to do with Natalie, but FOX just aired a new pilot called Virtuality. Its a sci-fi show from Ron Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Carnivale) and directed by Peter Berg (Friday Night Lights, The Rundown, The Kingdom, Hancock).

Needless to say, the show knocked my socks off. I love thoughtful, quiet, creepy science fiction and this is all that and Moore (ho ho).

I realize it won’t be for everyone (if you saw and liked the first half of Sunshine, this is definitely for you) but if you have some time check it out and see for yourself. I’m really hoping it gets picked up for a full series, hence my trying to spread the word a bit.

You can view the show for free over at FOX or Hulu.


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  • Jenski says:

    I saw it. Yeah, it really reminded me of Sunshine. REALLY (but the parts that struck me as the most Sunshine-ish were my favorites so that’s not really a complaint). I thought the male and female leads were the weakest. Surprisingly, I liked Clea Duvall which almost never happens. But all in all, I liked it too.

    But I don’t see it getting picked up by FOX. It didn’t bring in any real ratings, like 1.8 million. SciFi maybe, they need a new show since they retardedly cancelled BSG.

  • Dazza says:

    I wasn’t mad about the chefs and like you, didn’t dig the captain, although there was some promise on that front 🙂

    As I mentioned on the forum, it’d be good for FOX to have a prestige show. The critics were impressed with the pilot and if the show built on that, its possible that the show could get some real critical and award recognition. Even if it doesn’t pull in huge numbers, it’d be worth its weight in advertising revenue.

    Still, quite unlikely. Hopefully Sy-Fi steps up.