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It’s 20 years since Natalie’s career launching performance as Mathilda in the brilliant, The Professional (aka Leon). The film was outstanding in it’s own rights and has grown a cult following in the years since it’s release, with Natalie citing it as the film fans ask her about the most. Over the next couple weeks I’d like to have occasional updates with some anniversary related content. Maybe a couple polls, some fanart, links to old content about the film etc etc.

If you have any ideas or want to just share your thoughts about what the film means to you, please do so in the comments section.

I’ll leave with two things, the first is THR looking back at the anniversary. Thanks to Adonis and Belerofonte for the find.

Next is a parody comic I wrote for (if my memory isn’t failing me) April Fools Day. It’s basically every bad idea I could think of for a Professional sequel thrown together. Reading it again I still chuckle, so I thought it was worth dusting off. Click the thumb to check out the 8 pages we completed.



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  • Boshudi says:

    How bout a movie just called “Mathilda”, a sequel to Leon… She has grown up and become a cleaner to honor Leon! Is this an original idea? I would kill to see that! Naturally Besson would have to make it.

    • Dazza says:

      Honor Leon? He died so that she could have a normal life. Any sequel that has Mathilda as a hitwoman would have to be a tragedy.

    • Paul Hodge says:

      I like to see you do a L’eon sequel…..the guy in the resturant……could send you to Jason Statham for your final training……from him you could learn how to use anything in a room as a weapon…when you lose your gun….ie:- kill people with just a spoon and fish knife,as Jason did in Wild Card.
      Imagine yourself fighting like the Black Widow and in a final showdown with the bad guys with Jason Statham as back up.
      Yours Paul

  • Il Biondo says:

    The Youtubeclip in which Luc Besson explains why he chose Natalie over Liv Tyler.

  • Adonis says:

    Everything is still possible for Natalie, Luc Besson is doing a great success with “Lucy”. But the big hit will be “Mathilda” with Natalie … I bet that the sequel comes ..

  • Adonis says:

    Dazza might be right, “Mathilda” does not necessarily have to make the job of Leon. It will be exciting anyway, because the danger is always lurking …. Mathilda needs in any case ‘Manolo’, he knows very well the situation …

  • After “Lucy”, i vote for a leon sequel 🙂

  • Adonis says:

    Hello my friend, I think all agree with you 😉

  • Antienne says:

    Does anyone see Lucy ? I saw it yesterday. Abominable. I have no more words to describe it. I hope there will never be a sequel to Leon.

  • Adonis says:

    Why so negative for a great movie Antienne? First you should have seen the sequel and then you can judge whether it was good or bad, and not before ..

  • Antienne says:

    Do not rush Dazza. If Scarlett needs 100% of her brain capacity. 3% are sufficient to spectators. Which is close to brain death.

    Why I’m so negative Adonis ? I’m not. I’m just honnest. I’ve seen most of Besson’s works. And it’s getting worse and worse with years. He’s like the French Georges Lucas. Once a great director. But that excess money made him ​​intellectually lazy.

    If Lucy was only half average. I will be OK to a sequel. But it’s so bad I’m ready to suicide bombing myself in a panda nursery to prevent a sequel to Leon.

  • Adonis says:

    I think there is more hatred instead of real arguments on one of the best directors like Luc Besson. Sorry Antienne, you have not convinced me why there should be not a sequel of Leon? …. I would really like to know, maybe you’re right …

  • Antienne says:

    Nothing and no one can convince you that there should be not a sequel of Leon, it’s your leitmotif. I just use my freedom of speech to say what I think about a movie. Just like you use yours for saying it will be a total hit to make “Mathilda”. I don’t give a review or something. I do not judge Besson on what he did twenty years ago. But what he did today. And what he did today it’s : Lucy.

    And It’s not because I do not like chocolate. You have to conclude that I hate cocoa producer.

  • Adonis says:

    And what if Mathilda’s turn? Yes I know Antienne, he will certainly be worse than the (No. 1 in the States “Lucy”). Antienne I respect every opinion but they must have arguments, you have to convince me that it is so ..
    How can you be against one of the best movies for Natalie just so fanatically?
    Just because maybe Luc Besson is the director?
    Antienne if the movie comes out will prove who is right …

  • Antienne says:

    I repeat. I don’t try to convince you. If your opinion of a film is based on the score at the box office. Great for you. You probably think Star Wars prequels are excellent, because they made a lot of money. I don’t.

    Think for a second. If I get here and I said : OMG WOW i just saw “Lucy” it’s the best movie I ever seen in my entire Life. I hope Luc Besson will Mathilda made ​​soon. Awesome director.

    Would you come after me to ask for more argument ? Would you come after me to ask why I am so positive ? Would you come after me to tell me that I am probably in love with Luc Besson to disqualify my opinion ?

    Of course not. Because “Mathilda” is for you an obsession. And anything that can go in the positive direction of your obsession will give you pleasure. Everything that goes in the opposite direction will hurt you.

    I’m sorry. But I saw “Angel-A” Terrible. “Arthur 1”. “Arthur 2”. “Arthur 3”. Annoying, soporiphic, average. “The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec” not good. But not really bad. I passed “The Lady”. And i saw “Malavita” and i think it’s a goofy pastiche of american movies. And then i saw “Lucy” wich is the worst movie i’ve seen this year.

    Based on these subjective experiences I deduce that “Mathilda” will be more than a mistake. But a disaster. I may be wrong. But Besson did not give me anything to let me think and say I’m wrong.


  • omgzrachel says:

    Just based off the trailer, Lucy looks bad. And I’m with Antienne in feeling like Besson’s quality of work has been in decline.

  • Adonis says:

    Do not be nervous Antienne.You can write whatever you want, analyze it whatever you want, etc … is your right, but I stand by my thesis about ‘Mathilda’. Of course, I’m obsessed over this sequel because I know that it can only be good for Natalie. I know something interests you not … I’m sorry that I’m not your opinion, I see the things totally different, not so complicated …

  • Adonis says:

    I have no desire for a competition who has the most words to write here. I just think it’s stupid if you do not recognize that Luc Besson has again produced a great film like ‘Lucy’ …And unfortunately for Antienne much money brings ….. You know, not all Besson films like me but he’s my favorite director. Only he can bring women heroes and ‘Mathilda’ might be the next …. that would certainly be a big disaster, right Antienne 🙂

  • Adonis says:

    Antienne you’re offended? If so sorry.
    You have your opinion I have my … more it should not be 8) .. bye

  • Antienne says:

    Why I should be offended ? Not at all. I’m just busy.

  • Adonis says:

    This gives me great hope for a sequel of Leon. Scarlett was great, but Mathilda will be the absolutely great success for Luc and Natalie. Money is whether we like it or not probably the biggest role in the film industry. What if “Lucy” would not have this success, and little money would have earned?
    Luc would certainly tired of movies where women have the absolute hero role .. that would be likely the end for Mathilda …

  • Adonis says:

    “You can’t imagine how many people ask me for a Léon sequel,” he says. “Everywhere I go they ask me. If I was motivated by money I would have done it a long time ago. But I don’t feel it.”

    Could this statement of “Luc” the upcoming sequel to be>> Leon? Could my dream come true, it would be so beautiful …

    • Dazza says:

      Adonis, do you not realize that he’s saying the exact opposite with that quote. He’s saying he doesn’t feel it. Meaning, he doesn’t have the intention/idea/desire to make it.

  • Adonis says:

    Hi Dazza. Luc is French, maybe he means by his statement, he would never make a sequel to “Leon” just for money, because this movie is very special for him. If he says “I do not feel it”, it could not have different meanings? That perhaps a sequel is still possible? ….

  • cris says:

    How about a sequel where Stansfield survive in the explosion but he’s got disabled, then mafioso later found out Stansfield still alive.. mafioso hid to from him to avoid he’s revenge. Mathilda came back to Mafioso’s resto to get some money, there she see the resto already closed. Afterwards, Mathilda saw Manolo in some place.. then she asked manolo what happened to Mafioso, what happpened next Mathilda investigate where Mafioso residing. Later Mathilda found Mafioso.. then Mafioso tell about Stanfield. Stanfield is no longer working as police in DEA but lots of connection inside, this time he’s morethan a corrupt police, he’s a Drug lord now.