Nat is top vegan celeb

Despite admitting that she struggles to remain fully vegan, she has been named in this new list of vegan celebs.

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. But maybe because she’s also smart: Nats has a degree in psychology. From Harvard. That she worked towards while filming Star Wars. And we like her out of the box selection of roles from V for Vendetta to this year’s My Blueberry Nights, as well as boyfriends (bearded gypsy-folk singer, Devendra Banhart — not Clive Owen, with whom she’s pictured having a nosh here). She doesn’t eat any animal products, or wear fur, feathers or leather. Earlier this year, the 27-year-old designed her own line of vegan shoes for Te Casan. She also credits working on the upcoming film Brothers with Tobey Maguire (he’s on our list of vegan men) with steering her into full-fledged veganism.

Grade: A-

When are we going to get a top meat eating celebs list? Any day now, I’m sure.