Handsomecharlie intern speaks

Thanks to a good find (by Fanatical, who else?) I was able to contact a guy called Kyle, who happened to intern at Natalie’s production company – Handsomecharlie Films.

He was kind enough to answer a few questions about his internship. Enjoy.

How did you come to get the job?

I’m a film major at my school and the department helped me locate different internship opportunities. One of the people that works at Handsomecharlie currently is also an alumna from my school, so there’s that connection as well.

What did the job entail and how long did it last?

It was your pretty standard summer internship. I worked there twice a week for all of July and August. My basic job duties entailed a lot of reading, script coverage, and helping around the office.

Were you a fan of Natalie going in?

I wasn’t like a die hard fan or anything, but I am definitely familiar with her work and know that she’s a really talented actress.

What was it like meeting Natalie for the first time?

A little surreal to be honest. I’m assuming meeting celebrities always feels like this. It’s just crazy being able to meet someone face-to-face when you’ve seen them on television and on the big screen for years. It was awesome, but the really cool thing is that Natalie is really down-to-earth, so I quickly just felt at ease around her.

Can you talk about any of the projects that Handsome Charlie have been working on? Such as…

– Eve
– A Tale of Love and Darkness
– Isabella V
– Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
– Suspiria

So during my internship, Handsomecharlie was still in early, early development on a handful of projects. I’m probably not at liberty to talk about what we worked on but out of the list of movies above, Eve was a short film that Natalie directed while Suspiria is actually not a Handsomecharlie project and many people definitely mistakingly asked us during the summer about it. I haven’t been following it as of late, but that’s how things were over the summer.

How often did you meet Natalie and what was it like working with her?

As you can probably imagine, Natalie is an extremely busy person so I didn’t see her too often, especially since I only worked part time at Handsomecharlie. When I did see her in the office, it was mostly for meetings. As previously mentioned, she is just really cool and down-to-earth so working with her was just great.

And finally, the most important question, do you know her new dog’s name? Lest we forever call the poor guy “Pooch”.

Unfortunately, I do not know her new dog’s name…sorry!

There we have it. Nothing earth shattering but certainly nice to hear that he had a good experience with Natalie. I really thought we’d finally get Pooch’s real name though. Curses!