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By November 25, 2008Nat-news

I’ve just uploaded some really lovely photos of Natalie on the set of Love and Other Impossible Pursuits yesterday with her young costar, Charlie Tahan, in Central Park. No way that kid is five.

I’ve also added 40 new hi-res photos to the spoilerific on set gallery from last week.


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  • ked says:

    Don’t worry. Elmo loves you even when you’re spoilerific.

  • fanatical610 says:

    Charlie Tahan is adorable and dare I say looks like he could be Natalie’s real son. He’s not her real son in the movie but I dunno, to me, they have a similar look.

  • Mockingbird says:

    I have to commend the costume designer on this film. S/he must not have much of a budget to work with but Natalie has looked stylin’ in nearly every picture!

    I wonder why they aged her stepson for the film?

  • sak says:

    Definitely not five. More like eight to ten.

  • nataport says:

    Oh, yeah… believe it. I’ve seen 4 year olds that look like what I remember a 7 year old looked like when I was a kid. I guess the younger generation is growing at a much faster pace, or Nat is just very, very tiny. =)

  • Agie says:

    Those pics are really lovely! But I think We know too much about the film already

  • emoss says:

    well i’m tiny just like natalie but i had 11 years old niece & nephew who looks much younger than tahan 🙂