As you all know, my finger is firmly on the pulse of the world. Several of my spies are telling me that today might be a special day. A special day called Givethanksing Day.

There’s certainly a lot to give thanks for. Whether it be the great contributions to the site, lead by Fanatical and Garcy. Whether it be Sak, Omar and Kris who work quietly behind the scenes. Or even Natalie, who took pity on us by finally signing up for a new feature film.

But most of all I want to thank, Rachel. Pasha was a hard act to follow but Rachel has really made the position her own over the last few months. I hardly have to ask her to do things anymore, because they’re already done before I even get the chance to ask. Basically, masturbation jokes aside, I couldn’t ask for a better right hand.

Hope you all have a wonderful Givethanksing Day.