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By November 30, 2008Site-news

The Rate Paris Je T’aime poll will come to an end in the morning. So if you haven’t voted yet, get on it.

If you have a good idea for a new poll, let me know in the comments. Because right now I’m drawing a blank and in the mornings my brain works at 10% operating levels.


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  • xavipola says:

    hi! is strange for me that the most popular be “Haven’t seen it”… could be fine a new poll about wich film of Nat we never seen it…

    Sorry for my english!

    Javi, Spain

  • Willie4 says:

    I just saw the Professional for the first time. Not familiar with your work. That was just amazing. You were much younger then, that’s what makes it so great! Keep up the good work! Wow!