Natalie Portman like

When I saw Liane Balaban in The New Waterford Girl, around 8 years ago, I was immediately struck by how much she resembled Natalie in certain scenes. It was a long time ago so I’m not sure if I’d still feel that way today, but at the time I really did think she was the actress that came the closest to Natalie’s appearance.

Well a lot of years have passed and Liane doesn’t really look like Natalie anymore but this article still managed to drop a mention. For old times sake.

Then there’s Liane Balaban, the fresh-faced beauty from North York, Ont. who is fast-tracking her way to becoming Canada’s next hot export to Hollywood.

If that makes Rachel McAdams worry, it shouldn’t. Hollywood’s big enough for “The Notebook” star and this new, Natalie Portman-like “it” girl to coexist on screen and in top American style mags.