Suspiria will not die

First a little background. It was back in August when the first Suspiria rumour hit (click that link if you don’t know what I’m talking about) but I did some digging and a very reliable source told me that Natalie wasn’t attached and that the film was not happening. I posted as much on the site – even using the words “you can take it to the bank”.

The original reporters of the rumour, Bloody-Disgusting, stuck to their guns but I was still on my way to the bank. No doubts at all.

Then Natalie was in Venice for Eve and the Italian press asked her about the rumour. Instead of shooting it down, Natalie said that she’s couldn’t comment.

I mailed my source again and was told that nothing had changed. Still not attached. So, okay, that was a bit odd but I still had very little doubts if any.

This was somewhat backed up by our interview with Kyle, who was an intern at Natalie’s production company – Handsomecharlie Films.

Flash forward to a week ago and Natalie is spotted going to ballet classes and meeting David Gordon Green. The main character in Suspiria is a ballet dancer and David Gordon Green was the director attached all the way back in the original rumour.

Now, I’m really starting to wonder…is this really just coincidence? Could there be another viable explanation?

I mail my source about it again and this time I get no answer. So I ask again…still no answer.

So, its entirely possible that my source is just fed up with constantly telling me “no” but perhaps there really is some fire under all this smoke.

I don’t have any answers for you but I now have enough doubt as to want to do this update to cover my ass.

Do not take it to the bank!