Gosman? Portling?

Gossip columnist Lainey is reporting that her sources are telling her that Natalie and Ryan Gosling are quite possibly dating. Or at least hanging out. I think this is going to be received as well as any “Nat is dating” rumour.

As I reported exclusively on eTalk last night, my sources say they met a few weeks ago at one of his DJ nights through a mutual acquaintance. Am told he was rather assertive, asking for her number right away. Since then they’ve apparently been flirt texting and hanging out with friends, and casual dvd nights undercover, not in any particular rush towards anything serious but they say they are super cute when together, very relaxed vibe and, as girly boo boo as this sounds, supposedly he’s crazy about her but is “happy not to push”.

I think Ryan seems like an awesome guy and he’s definitely one of the best actors around. So I’m happy. How about you?