Is there anything more exciting than a mini news tidbit? Yes. Lots. But we’re gonna keep posting them anyway. Buckle up.

– The Californian has an article up on Weston Green, who does a lot of the interviews for MakingOf and basically keeps that site ticking. He’s a genuinely nice guy but he gets to work for Natalie so its okay to hate him 😛

– Quite a funny Natalie sighting from the Daily Mail’s Liz Jones.

The longest, sootiest, thickest lashes I have ever seen on a woman belong to actress Natalie Portman. Seated next to her on a flight to Los Angeles, every time she blinked I was hit with what felt like air conditioning.

This blogger spotted Natalie being snapped by paparazzi on Rodeo Dr. Rule #38 – It’s not stalking if its your whole family.