Lainey Covers TIFF

Lainey gets a lot of flack. Some of it deserved, a lot of it not. But you can’t argue that she’s a big fan of Natalie and her post from the LOIP premiere makes for a great read.

Fresh faced, light makeup, I mean that’s just… not fair. And it’s not like it gets old. I saw her multiple times at Cannes in 2008 – she has a face that never gets boring. She even looks good mid-sentence or mid-blink. Moments when anyone else would appear distorted, Natalie Portman is still perfect.

And on the carpet last night…

Laura said she could hardly focus because she couldn’t stop staring at her. In a bright print Lanvin dress with fuschia lips, so elegant, and sassy too. Natalie Portman can work the cameras. And the photographers in the stills pool were losing their sh-t.

Portman is professional, respectful, understands it’s a job. She’s nice, but not overly nice. Pleasant but not gushy. Certainly there’s a wall, and she’s smart enough to be able to keep it up. At the same time, she’s also clever enough to give just enough so that she’s able to sell her movie without opening up too much about her life. And there’s a wicked sense of humour under there too. You just have to earn it.

Be sure to read the full article over on Laineygossip, as it includes a new quote from Ryan Gosling about Natalie.