The gift that keeps on giving

Rachel was just ragging on it a few days ago and now yet another “award” for Hayden and Natalie’s Star Wars coupling. Total Film has put together a list of the 20 worst screen couples and you’ll never guess who came out number 1.

Between Christensen’s sulky adolescent brooding, Portman’s doe-eyed emptiness and a stream of beyond-cliché digital courting locales – his hometown, a balcony, a windswept field – this is as close as we’re ever going to get to Dawson’s Creek In Space.

The nagging feeling that Pacey’s going to emerge from a shuttle and deliver some smug line about everyone having their whole lives ahead of them is muted only by the crushing realisation that it’s all so very real – this it actually what Lucas made and wanted.

He can’t act. She can’t emote. Their dialogue is dire (“I wish I could just wish away my feelings!”). Sure – love hurts, but this is all pain, no gain.

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