Vanity Fair interview

You’ll never guess what this one is about – MakingOf!!!

VF Daily: My first question is a two-part question. A: Are you trying to put film schools out of business? and b: Are you trying to put us entertainment journalists out of business?

Natalie Portman: [laughs] No and no. That would not be a good goal. That would be very malicious. Very malicious goal.

So it’s more of a complement to what’s already out there.

Portman: Yeah, I mean, on the film school question, it’s really trying to extend access to people who can’t go to film school, whether they can’t pay for it, whether they can’t get in, whether they are younger than that, older than that… And in terms of entertainment coverage, we really saw a lack of a centralized resource for people to get behind-the-scenes information about filmmaking.

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