Vanity Fair Outtake

By August 31, 2016Nat-news, News

We have a great new photo to share with you—an outtake from Natalie’s photo shoot for her article in the September 2016 issue of Vanity Fair:

Vanity Fair Outtake


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  • Love Natalie says:

    Oh, not snarking on her now, Rachel?

    I’m just going to throw this out here since I’ve been seeing what this website has been doing these past few years and my own life has calmed down enough now that I have the energy to speak up about BS. You know, if you guys hate her so much, why even run a fansite anyway? I seriously have never seen a fansite that exploited and bashed the celeb they claim to “love” as much as this one.

    And I suspect that you’re starting to feel bad about it now, so you put up this great photo and you’re not saying anything like, “Well, Natalie wasn’t looking so great recently in her street wear, but at least we have this great magazine photo.” That’s the kind of crap you really like to do, right, you and Mr. “Shrug” Dazza? Yeah, I see you.

    You’re really all such phonies. Rachel, that’s to you in particular. Don’t even try to act like you actually like her now. You know, you should just go to a Taylor Swift fansite. They love snooty two-faced people over there. You’ll fit right in.

    • Rachel says:


    • Belerofonte says:

      Obviously I can´t speak for Rachel and Dazza, but as for the part that concerns me, I can assure you that nobody here is getting posts every day because we don´t like Natalie, rather it is the opposite …

  • Rory Paul says:

    I wasn’t aware that anyone hated Natalie on here …

  • natness says:

    Is this the dream of an idiot?

  • jesslv74 says:

    Umm…what was that?

  • Mike says:

    Natalie rules!! Any other hearsay is blasphemy!!

  • AMSSERME says:

    I have visited this site for some years and I can say that no hate has been found for Natalie in this site by the administrators,be it Rachel,Dazza or Belerofonte.This is a site for fans by the fans.It is true that some posters write nasty things about Natalie but these posts are rare and by people who are not Natalie fans and don’t come to this site frequently.I don’t know why this poster accuse Rachel of hating Natalie.

  • Love Natalie says:

    It’s interesting. Other celeb’s fans know when people are snarking on their faves and being unfair. They actually feel protective over them. Natalie fans are just… Let’s make fun of her for wearing a white shirt! Let’s drag her when she’s actually looking fabulous and coming back from a difficult time. And then when someone calls you guys out, you pretend like it doesn’t happen, like all that meanness was nothing at all. Like I said, phony. I feel bad for her that there isn’t a consistent group of people who respect and feel protective over her. There are celebs who are jerks who have people totally loyal to them. Natalie is a sweetheart, and this is what she gets.

    1. This site acts like it respects everyone else more than it respects Natalie. Terrence Malick! Knight of Cups! Over and over! Geez, who gives a crap on a NATALIE PORTMAN fansite? And how tyrannical can you get with YOUR opinion on a fan site, which is supposed to be for everyone and, you know, FUN? Christ!

    2. The general public and the media have been extremely unfair to Natalie over the past few years. Extremely sexist. In fact, they still are. But you guys on here actually make fun of her for Jane Got A Gun finally coming out. “Shrug.” Right? Because you’re just so much better than her, right? And then posting a review saying that the movie is sexist. Do you even know what the word means?! To call her creative output sexist when she’s been having to deal with exactly that and to survive that, and the movie is about female strength and surviving hardships– I mean, how are you siding with the people bullying her? How do you shrug at a movie where rape is part of the story in this time we are living in? Seriously, what a heartless thing to do — to just SHRUG at that movie. And no one else on here cares about that now? Ok, yeah, this is a fansite, for sure.

    3. Thinking someone is hot doesn’t mean you like and respect that person. All your tweets over the past couple weeks — Natalie is hot! She’s looking HOT. — And yet you’ll be so casually dismissive of the movie she produced and snark at your convenience. God. Awful.

    This place has the worst attitude of any place I’ve ever seen. Like half the time when I’m curious what she’s doing and I come on here, my blood just boils seeing the way you people write about her. You just like USING her as an excuse for you to flex your muscles hunting down stuff around the web! That’s what it’s really about.

    BTW Rachel, you can act all blase. I know your type that tries to act like they’re so superior. In real life, you wouldn’t like a woman who is like Natalie at all. You’d look down your nose at her. So WHY are you even here?! Two-faced as hell.

    And why is the woman running the IG so much nicer than the people on the website but she’s never on here? Dazza, you afraid of someone who actually likes Natalie?

    I’ve said my piece. I doubt I’ll be back. I’m too old for this BS or for cheering on celebs. Really glad Natalie has survived this time and she’s going to be kicking butt these next few years — and she survived even when her own “fans” were mocking her. That’s so awesome. So whatever, snark away and pretend to be blase. You all just want to feel superior. I just can’t stand people like that.

    • Rachel says:

      I don’t know how you want me to respond here. Humor you and make a snarky comment? Confess that I’m a fake fan (read: not a sycophant) and I devote a large chunk of my personal time to this website for my health? I don’t know what’s going on in your life that made you feel the need to come for me, but I hope you feel better now. If the community here is upsetting you this much, then perhaps the best course of action is to find another one.

  • natness says:

    Don´t waste your time on that utter nonsense, Rachel. We both know that comment sections all around the internet are full of jerks. It was only a question of time until the first would show up here. That far too long BS you have to read through can be summed up as follows: you´re not a fan if you´re not completely devout, if you dare criticize anything. That kind of statement tells you how to react: ignore it.

    I´ve been visiting this site for a decade now, and the only criticism I ever had was the publication of paparazzi photos, which I think should not be supported. Apart from that, you´re all doing a great job in keeping us up to date. I´ve always appreciated that different opinions are represented here. Those who prefer unconditional celebrity admiration are free, as you said, to choose other sites.

  • Mike says:

    I don’t understand the commotion? I love Natalie and this site makes me smile! U guys are the best!! Go Rachel!!

  • Rory Paul says:

    What I think Love Natalie needs to understand is that Natalie is ultimately just a human being, and as such is full of flaws. There are loads of reasons to be a Natalie fan, from her talent to her beauty, to her support for a whole load of charitable causes. It’s also true that she sometimes gets unfairly criticised, such as most recently with the “pretentious” T magazine interview. However, there have also been occasions where Natalie has been fairly subjected to criticism, such as when she said that she was excited by the recession and her support for Polanski. Acknowledging these flaws doesn’t make you less of a Natalie fan; in fact, I would say it makes you more of a fan.

  • natness says:

    Not to mention that talking about flaws is not the same as hating. Natalie might have looked liked she was wearing a sack when she put on that oversized white shirt a week ago or so. I found her choice of sunglasses odd. As for her performances, I haven´t seen Jane Got A Gun but I can imagine it´s not exactly a masterpiece, and her work in Star Wars or Thor is underwhelming at best. Does that mean I – or anyone who mentions that – don´t like her? Of course not. She´s still a strong and adorable person who´s strong and adorable enough to survive occasional acting and fashion blunders.

  • Dazza says:

    What a weird argument.

    I’m tempted to go point by point but I suspect that you’re probably just trolling.

    I’ll always be proud that I am a fan that tries to keep his feet on the ground. I root for her, I get excited when she has success, I want great films with Natalie in them more than anything. But my brain is still attached. If I don’t like something I’ll say as much. Why should everything be AMAZING to be a fan. What a shit way to look at life, by trying to make everything a peak you end up flattening the world.

    At least when we get hyped about something you know it’s legit excitement.

    Speaking of two-faced.

    “How dare you not always cheer on Natalie.”
    “I’m too old for cheering on celebs”

    You sound a bit confused there, buddy.