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By March 26, 2014Nat-news

According to this source, it seems Natalie’s directorial debut finished filming yesterday. A wrap party is scheduled for Thursday, which must question whether Natalie will be making a (live) appearance at We Day in California today. Thanks to Kitten.

As an aside, Belerofonte noticed that Hervé Schneid has been listed by IMDB as the editor. He’s done great work on Amelie, Delicatessen etc.


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  • Belerofonte says:

    The first link also says that Natalie will travel to Paris after the end of the shoot to work with Schneid in the editing, which means that practically moving to France this spring, as discussed a few months ago.
    If “Knight of Cups” premieres at Cannes, surely we will see attending the Festival 🙂

  • Nannina says:

    She really has surrounded herself with good people for this film. I’m cautiously optimistic (also I loved “Eve”).