Sleepy has a good night

We previously mentioned that Robert Pattinson (the sleepy eyed teen crush from Twilight) had a bit of a thing for Natalie and, if this is accurate, the feeling might be mutual.

“[Portman] seemed really into him, and went right up to say hello once she spotted him,” dished a close Pattinson chum at the exclusive do.

So what was the Twilight star and Oscar presenter all jittery about, then? Well…

Before his encounter, Rob told us how anxious he was about presenting. “I was so nervous [about the Oscars]” the cute Brit told us, sexy accent ‘n’ all.

So how did the guy take the edge off?

“Whiskey and Natalie Portman,” dished the R.P. pal.

Robert, who flew solo, shy and rather lonely most of the glittering night, found a fan in the gorgeous Nat. Ms. P, who also had a little whatever with Ryan Gosling recently, was pretty and piranha-like in fuchsia.

The two totally flirted it up outside on the patio, and Rob started to feel right at home in his newly found Hollywood lifestyle.

N.P. was batting those beautiful eyelashes at Pattinson, and he seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. And there were a lot of minutes. I think Ms. P’s used to getting what she wants, as she dominated R.P.’s attentions most of the evening.

But fear not, ladies (and gents, too), it looks like Robalie’s just in the crush stage ’cause Mr. P was seen leaving sans Portman at the end of the night.

Damn, would they have hot kids or what?

The other day I joked in the forums that Natalie’s Oscar appearance might be to find a new beau, since it was the Oscars a few years ago where she hit things off with Gael Garcia Bernal.

Of course, this is probably all BS, but its fun to speculate.